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Simple CMS for your Clients
  1. Add a “cms-editable” CSS class to any element on your site
  2. Your clients can Edit, Create, and Publish pages
  3. Use from your browser or your iPhone
  4. Brand as your own and resell


Reliable and maintained by experts.

White Label

Use your own colors, logo and domain.

iPhone app

A full featured mobile app for clients.

5 minute setup

No coding and no databases.

No Download or Installation Required! Just sign-up, and start editing your first 3 sites for free!
PageLime connects to your site

No Installation

You don't have to install PageLime, and you don't have to configure any databases. PageLime lives on our servers, and remotely connects to your site for easy editing.

Manage Multiple Sites from PageLime

Manage Multiple Sites

You can manage your entire portfolio of sites from one location. Once in PageLime, you can manage client login information, permissions, and content for all of your sites.

PageLime has easy integration

Integrate Quickly

It takes minutes to integrate with PageLime, and you don't have to change your code or markup. Your templates work with PageLime just the way they are.

PageLime can be white-labeled

Rebrand and Resell

You can white-label PageLime with your own logo and color scheme on your on custom domain. With built-in reseller tools, you can choose to resell PageLime to your clients!

CMS for Agencies and Web Shops

PageLime gives you the ability to manage your entire portfolio of sites from one location. It doesn't matter where the sites are hosted, or what technology platform they're developed on. Spend more time growing your business, and less time playing tech support.

CMS for Designers

PageLime is exactly what today's multitasking freelancer needs. You never have to deal with a bloated CMS again. Instead, when you create brilliant designs, PageLime integrates quickly and seamlessly. You create the site; Your clients manage the content; We're tech support. Now go start your next project.

CMS for Developers

PageLime is your content framework. We give you the ability to build a data driven website, without having to build the back-end from scratch. PageLime provides the content API and the user interface; You provide the website; Your clients take you out for drinks.

What our Users are Saying. User Testimonials and Feedback.

PageLime was a solution to so many issues that I had as a small-shop designer. Not having to install databases and config files saves so much time and heartache. Clients transition really easily into the interface, and we were always finding new ways to make the CMS more functional and helpful. I looked into PageLime because of the delicious looking logo, but stayed because it's a fantastic software.

— Jessica Hammer, Sorca Design

I’ve been searching for a solution that let’s me manage all of my client’s websites in one place, but still let the client make their own edits. Pagelime has to be the easiest system to setup. I love that there’s nothing to install and I don’t have to worry about updates. It's truly broken new ground in Content Management; specifically created by the Designer for the Designer.

— Brandon Setter, Media Sprout

I take my websites with a slice of Pagelime! Pagelime makes integrating CMS into our projects almost automatic. It's now an integral part of our web marketing solution for our clients. It's simply the best browser-based CMS solution!

— Richard Lysinger, TouchPoint Marketing

AMAZING application!!! AHHHH! I'm screaming my head off in happiness. This cuts down my time in HALF. No more going back and forth with small tedious changes from my clients!

— John Suh, ind-studios