Getting Started with the PageLime Reseller Tools

This program, and reselling any individual site is optional and configurable, you can still always offer free sites to your clients.

With the PageLime Reseller Tools, we give you with the ability to charge your clients for providing them with the CMS service. We handle the recurring billing, notifications, collection, settlement, and payouts.

The concept is simple: we charge a base price of 7$ per site you want to resell (not on free sites) on Pro accounts and $5 per site for Business accounts. You set your own upcharge, and the client pays the total. You can track your earnings and get paid from the Reseller Panel in your account management area.

Pagelime reseller dashboard

icon Step 1. Setup

Before you can start reselling PageLime to your clients, you need to white-label it and we need to collect some basic information and have you agree to the reseller terms of service.

White Label your CMS


When you upgrade to a professional account - you can upload your logo, set your color scheme, and set up PageLime to work on your own domain. You can do this from the "account information" section in the "manage account" area.

Activate Reseller Panel


From the "manage account" section, navigate to the "reseller panel", agree to the terms of service and follow the instructions to activate the Reseller Tools. Once you're done, you will be ready to start enabling the reseller tools on your sites. Our only method of paying out money is currently paypal - you will be asked to provide a valid paypal email.

icon Step 2. Prepare a client site for resale

You set your price and activate resale for a site on the site settings screen. We charge a small base price per site, while you can set your upcharge to any amount.

Enable Reseller Settings


On the familiar site settings screen, there is now a new tab: Reseller. On this tab, you can activate reseller settings for a particular site. When you activate the reseller settings, we start treating this site as "open for subscription". You can also terminate any active subscription and disable the reseller attributes from the site at any time from this tab.

Configure Pricing


The next step is to set your price, set the billing interval, and save the settings. We charge a $5-$7 per month base price for each site subscription, you set your "value-add" upcharge, and the total is the sum of both. Once you save your site settings, it's ready to accept payment, and your client can subscribe from their home screen or from the payment information button that appears in the top right of the screen for that particular site.

icon Step 3. Client signs up

Your client cannot publish pages until they subscribe, and you can track subscriptions and payments from the reseller panel.

Start client subscription


When your client next logs in, their site will have a yellow notice at the top of the site dashboard. The notice prompts them to sign up for the CMS. Your client will not be able to publish any pages until they subscribe. When they sign up, the first payment will start one day from the moment they sign up. Either you or your client can cancel this subscription at any time.

Track subscriptions and payments on the Reseller Panel


Back in your reseller panel, you will be able to track client subscriptions, payments, and any additional events such as failed payments. You will also be able to see an overview of all of your active/open/cancelled subscriptions.

icon Step 4. Collect Recurring Revenue

You can request payouts and track your earnings from the reseller panel.

Request a Payout


You can request a payout any time, and we will credit your paypal account with your balance within 7 days.

Track your earnings


Back in your reseller panel, you will be able to keep track of your earnings to date, any payouts, and client payment totals.

icon Step 5. Dealing with Expiring Cards and Declined Payments

We notify you and the client of expiring cards and declined payments. We retry 5 times before cancelling the CMS subscription for the client.

Expiring Card


One month before client's card is set to expire, they will get a notice on the top of their site dashboard, as well as receive an email notification. Expired cards will generate declined payments in our billing system. Read the next piece for more info on how he handle declined payments.

Declined Payments


When a payment is declined, the client will receive an email as well as get a notice on their site dashboard prompting them to update their payment information. You will also get an email detailing the failed transaction, and a "declined payment" event will be logged to your reseller dashboard. We will automatically retry the payment 5 more times before giving up over 5 days. If your client updates their payment information due to an expired or changed card, we will bill them immediately using the new information. After 5 days, their subscription will be cancelled, and their site will revert back to "open for subscription", and the client will no longer be able to publish pages. A cancellation email will be sent to the client as well, informing them of their CMS subscription cancellation.

Last: Cancelling Subscriptions / Terminating Resale

You can easily cancel the subscription or terminate the resale. By terminating the resale, we remove any record of it from our system, while just cancelling one, reverts it back into the "open" state where the client can not publish pages until they subscribe again.