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Migrate Your Account

We’ll help you migrate your PageLime account automatically to Surreal CMS. This page will tell you everything you need to know to make the transition.

Tip: this needs to be the person who created the account.

Surreal CMS

What Will Be Migrated?

Your account, including users, websites, and pages will be moved securely from PageLime to Surreal CMS.

The migration does not affect how your websites are hosted. Neither PageLime nor Surreal CMS actually host your websites — just the app to manage them.

Will I Have Access To New Features?

Surreal CMS has a lot of great features to offer. Here are just some of them.

Will Everything “Just Work?”

Most things will. Your users, websites, and pages will be migrated and most of your settings will be retained. Surreal CMS has a very similar integration API, so you can continue to use class="cms-editable" or your own custom editable classes.

However, there are some things that Surreal CMS does differently than PageLime:

Aside from that, we expect your transition from PageLime to Surreal CMS to go smoothly!

How Much Will This Cost?

You’ll receive two weeks free when you migrate your account. We want to make sure Surreal CMS is a good fit for you and your business before asking you to pay.

After that, Surreal CMS uses a tiered pricing structure based on the number of sites in your account. For most users, this means your monthly cost will be less.

If you’re concerned about pricing, please contact Surreal CMS to see if your account qualifies for a discount. For example, non-profits get 50% off!

Ready? Let’s migrate your account!

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